Virtuoso is the only place where you will find violin and viola shoulder pads designed specifically for those who play without a shoulder rest and for Baroque violinists.

  • Note all fabrics and colours are inspired by my fabric store finds and are of limited quantity.

Features of the Virtuoso Shoulder Pad include:

  •     Microsuede surface naturally grips the violin, keeping it from slipping on your shoulder.
  •     Thin 1/4″ padding provides comfort without adding height.
  •     Easily and securely attached to the tailgut and endpin, and is Baroque instrument-friendly.
  •     Protects the finish of your instrument.
  •     Can be left on when you put your violin away.
  •     Compliments your instrument.
  •     May be hand washed and air dried to keep it clean.


**All products are my original designs, some of which and are protected.  Please do not copy for resale.  I am happy to take wholesale or licensing inquiries.

Regular Shoulder Pad – fits all instruments, including Baroque

Easily and securely attached to the tailgut and endpin, this shoulder pad is also Baroque instrument-friendly.  From the front, no one will know you have a shoulder pad on your instrument.  You can also attach the elastic to the back corner of your instrument.

Jr. Shoulder Pads for Children

The Virtuoso Shoulder Pad comes in smaller sizes, and is ideal for children, as it adds comfort without adding height for short necks.  The shoulder pad comes in two sizes – Medium for 1/2 to 3/4 violins, and Small for 1/8-1/4 violins.

Shoulder Pad with Chinrest Strap – a little less discrete, but more secure.

This shoulder pad has a strap that attaches to your chinrest.  This is ideal if you prefer not to attach the elastic to the back corner, allowing the back to vibrate more freely.  Be sure to check how your chinrest is clamped onto your instrument before ordering.