Virtuoso is the only place where you will find violin and viola shammys for those who play with or without a shoulder rest, for Baroque violinists, and for those with nickel allergies.  No more fussing with loose pieces of cloth or homemade solutions to attach them to your instrument.

  • Note all fabrics and colours are inspired by my fabric store finds and are of limited quantity.

Features of the Virtuoso Shammy include:

  • Attaches easily and securely to your instrument at the tailgut and endpin, and at the back corner.
  • Protects the finish of your instrument.
  • Suitable for Baroque violinists and violists who play without a chinrest or a shoulder rest.
  • Elastics are easily adjustable and replaceable.
  • Looks professional and complements your instrument.
  • May be hand washed and air dried to keep it clean.
  • Attachment instructions included.


**All products are my original designs, some of which are protected. Please do not copy for resale. I am happy to take wholesale or licensing inquiries.

Regular Shammy – fits all instruments, including Baroque

  • Comes in a regular light-weight version for those who don’t want to feel anything between their neck and their instrument, and an extra-soft version that is thicker.
  • Virtuoso Shammy Instructions PDF

Shammy for Nickel Allergies – protects your neck from nickel chinrest fittings.

This is the only place where you will find shammys for those with nickel allergies.  I have seen so many home-made solutions, rags thrown over violins, unattached shammys that have to be constantly repositioned, all of which take away from the experience of playing a beautiful instrument.  Now you can protect yourself discreetly and without fuss with these shammys which I designed to stay attached to your instrument.

Shammy with Chinrest Cover

For those who prefer to cover their chinrest, your shammy problems are solved!  This will stay on your instrument, and not look like a rag from your kitchen!