Violin Shammy with Chinrest Cover – Tan



A violin shammy that attaches securely to your instrument, and looks good too!  The Virtuoso Violin Shammy with chinrest cover is made of a buttery-soft and thick microsuede, and is attached securely to the tailgut and endpin, as well as the back corner.  Also suitable for Baroque players without a chinrest.

Fabric:  heavy-weight polyester microsuede


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The Virtuoso Violin Shammy with chinrest cover:

  • Two layers of thick, buttery-soft microsuede provides a comfortable and non-slip surface.
  • Attaches securely to your instrument at the tailgut and endpin, and optionally at one corner.
  • Suitable for violinists who play without a shoulder rest.
  • Suitable for Baroque players who play without a chinrest.
  • Fits over most shoulder rests.
  • Customize with optional extra padding.
  • Adjustable elastics to fit any set-up.
  • Looks professional.
  • Easily washable. Hang to dry.


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